Hello, dear reader! We want to welcome you to our new Synonym Series. What does that mean, you ask? Well, we are not going to go dictionary-style. Instead, here at The Happiness of Knowledge, we want an introspective look into the meaning of certain words. We’ll observe their relation to other words without simply plucking synonyms straight from a thesaurus or dictionary.

The Synonym Series attempts to translate our understanding of certain powerful words into interesting articles. These articles break down those words and compare them to various synonyms. Of course, those synonyms may not always exist in the dictionary as such. We enter the darkness and light of the human soul – and the world in general, jumping into different contemplative perspectives.

new synonym series

In our new Synonym Series, after exploring the meaning of specific words, we’ll work our way toward reflecting on how those words work within the context of the world around us. Maybe you came to this site looking for a knowledge synonym, and what you’ll find is that we’re offering a thoughtful analysis of what knowledge means in our lives. There is more than one knowledge synonym – there are many listed in the dictionary. But do those synonyms convey the profoundness hidden in the word? Do they manage to tell you what impact knowledge has on our day-to-day lives? Perhaps not. That notion is abstract – everyone can create their own meaning from a word.

Here at The Happiness of Knowledge we offer you a magnificent collection of short stories with morals. That is to say, we think our stories will help our readers better understand – but also question – the driving factors behind people’s behaviour, goals, and motives.

Human minds and souls are filled with secrets. We explore those with the opinion that recognizing them gives you the option to change your life for the better. That is what we are trying to achieve: making the worlds within ourselves a better place, so we can lead happier futures.

We have gathered around the cause of delving into the parts of minds and souls that are so vague and ambiguous that philosophers have tried to explain them for thousands of years. Whether through our stories or through our Synonym Series, we want to help you answer those questions for yourself and create your own appreciation of the world, the universe, and the light deep inside of each one of us.

We will cover all the essential words from our mission, such as knowledge, happiness and wisdom. Those words are directly connected to our goal: to give you short stories that help you comprehend the vast unknown. You can come with us on our journey by becoming a member and supporting us in developing our project. We hope to improve people’s lives by diving into philosophical questions and donating a big part of our profits to charity. We will unlock a new short story in your account each week. Please enjoy our Synonym Series and our stories!