Ah, the opposite of optimistic. All of us have those days in which we would like to stop thinking for awhile, especially in those moments when every thought we have is ruinous, and no matter what happens, you only see the negative side of things.

Like when your head is irritated, and you feel the urge to scratch it over and over. Let’s face it, we all have those moments. We cannot sleep because we keep remembering every single bad thing we did in our lives. We are in the shower thinking that since we are alone at home, it’s the perfect time for the lock to break so we can stay naked and scared in the bathroom forever. Okay, maybe that is too radical but admit it, sometimes your mind imagines pretty fatal stuff. Sometimes you actually feel helpless against it. And if this is not the opposite of optimistic, then I don’t know what it is.

I know exactly what is in your mind right now: “Oh wait! I’m here because I wanted to read The Happiness of Knowledge. How does the opposite of optimistic have anything to do with happiness or knowledge?!”

And the answer to this question is simple because there is no easy way to gain knowledge. Wisdom includes pain. Usually, the pain is seeing our real selves. And this process can bring happiness, the joy of loving yourself.

Now let me tell you something. Every single one of us was designed to first notice the bad side of everything. It’s a natural part of evolution.

When our ancestors had to fight with tigers to survive, they needed to have this fight-or-flight alarm in their heads. Of course nowadays we don’t have to run away from tigers and fight for our lives. Unfortunately, our brains don’t understand it every time. In our modern way of living, we are far more secure, but our brains were designed long ago when we weren’t so secure.

Additionally, our lives are busy and stressful, and we have legitimate reasons to be the opposite of optimistic. That’s why those unrealistic negative thoughts are there. They are a part of the alarm mechanism our ancestors used to save their lives. This mechanism hasn’t fully updated yet, and sometimes our brains create fictional bad scenarios. They are imaginary, of course, but the brain shows them to us, intending to save us. So the next time you find yourself being everything but the opposite of optimistic, thank your brain. I know that’s not what the modern culture expects from us. Even the Martians can see those “stay positive” neon signs glowing from everywhere. Honestly, signs like that only create the idea of doing something wrong, of being wrong.

Let me explain! I am not saying self-help is bad. I’m saying that the pain you may feel during your awakening is actually beautiful and helpful. At The Happiness of Knowledge, we are not hiding that pain from you. We are not asking you to “stay positive”. It’s impossible, and it’s sick. In fact, there are studies that show that those people who refuse to accept the dark parts of their mind – people that use statements like “I never hate!” or “I’m always calm!” – are actually feeling incomplete.

opposite of optimistic

The only way to feel complete is to get familiar with both your bad and good sides.

The best way to illustrate my words is with the symbol of Yin and Yang. It’s the perfect symbiosis between the black and the white combined with the idea that in every white there is black and vice-versa.

Of course, you have the right to disagree with me, but behind the project The Happiness of Knowledge are people just like you. Here, you are not surrounded by articles telling you that it’s wrong to feel pain. You are reading stories from real people from all over the world who struggle with the same pain.

We’re all searching for answers to the same questions. Who are you? I want to invite you to join and search with us because together we are stronger. I believe one day our brains will upgrade, and we will be able to stay in the moment with no worries about the past or future. However, before this day comes, I am happy to have the chance to live this life with all of its nuances.

I am glad to be a part of this team because I know there are courageous people all over the world who are with me. They are brave enough to write about their fears, beliefs, and thoughts. Those people feel what The Happiness of Knowledge means. They might be the opposite of optimistic sometimes, but who isn’t? I hope everyone out there can find the inner power to love their demons because the universe was designed to be in balance. Without the sunset, there wouldn’t be a sunrise.

I hope that after you read this article you are a step closer to accepting yourself. The opposite of optimistic doesn’t have to be negative. I don’t know you, but I know you are unique. Instead of “stay positive”, I wish you to balance. I truly hope that the texts you read as a member of our platform help you to find your inner peace. We appreciate that you are a member and your membership is a motivation for us to keep searching for more.