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loving synonym

But let us now delve into the word love.

The first loving synonym that strikes my thoughts is caring. For to love is to care. First things first: if you love yourself, you will care for yourself – not only for your looks, but also for your physical, mental, and psychological well-being. You will also want and strive to move forward, to pull yourself out of dire circumstances toward a more fulfilling way of life.

Then, if you love other people, you will also be concerned about their growth. You will support them in getting out of bad habits, reaching their dreams, and achieving their full potential. Doing so will help them harness the motivation and determination required to get the most out of life.

Let’s go one step further. If you love the world, you will want to make a change. You will care about the unhappiness, the unfairness, and the differences that stop people from living a good life. You will desire to help the lost, feed the starving, change the situation for the better, and lend a hand to as many people as possible. Discover a new meaning in charity – another synonym of love – which we will discuss below. And, from then on, you shall see much more than before, and you will want to change the whole world if possible. And it is possible, as long as we do not give up.

But let us now move to the other loving synonym we mentioned above: charity. We will stop on this just briefly, for charity is closely associated with care. It is taking a part of what you have and giving it to others who are less fortunate than yourself. Not everyone will have the blessings you possess. By participating in charity, we will help others achieve something more in their lives.

Charity is something more than merely giving money to the poor.

It can be sitting down with a crying stranger and listening to what made them cry. It can be working as a volunteer and planting some trees in your free time (helping future generations!), or lending a comforting shoulder to people in the local shelter who need help getting back on their feet.

A near synonym of love is support. To differentiate from the above text, let’s examine the word in the context of personal relationships. Support is being there for loved ones in the most challenging times, listening without judgment, and offering hugs and assurance that you will be there for them. It can also be offering your advice and comfort that they will not have to deal with the hardships of life alone.

To be supportive of your partner, parents, children and/or friends also means celebrating their victories. You might not be personally accountable for those victories, and they may come at a time when you are personally struggling. Even then, supporting those people means celebrating their victories as your own; you’re not jealous but happy that they are achieving success. Support is being there as they follow their dreams.

loving synonym

A final thought about loving synonyms: to love is to forgive.

Here, I’m speaking about loving yourself. To love yourself is to understand that the past may have made you who you are, but it does not need to define you. So, by forgiving yourself, you will no longer carry the burden of past mistakes or disappointments. Because when you let those things rest in the past, you will be free to achieve your true potential, without blaming yourself for past events that you cannot change.

Forgiveness is hard, I admit. It is even harder when it comes to forgiving yourself. Often, we believe our actions were so wrong that we should carry the blame for the remainder of our life. That is not true. When we are talking about mistakes that you made in your relationships, you can let those things go and keep the lessons they taught you. For that is what should remain of them – only lessons  – so as not to repeat them.

We can use the past to teach us, but we should not carry it into the future.

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