Welcome back to our Synonym Series. You clicked on this article to find the happiness synonym. Happiness synonyms aren’t just found in the dictionary. At The Happiness of Knowledge, we want to introduce you to the philosophical meaning behind some powerful words commonly used and sometimes not fully understood.


So, what is happiness? And can we find a happiness synonym?

To begin with, is happiness related to material things? The answer may surprise you, but yes, it is – to some degree. First, let’s consider a poor person who is unable to support their family. A material addition of clothes that fit or replacing a worn-out pair of shoes might relieve some of that stress and make this person – and the family – happier. My point is that material things can play a role in being happy. Though, a proper way to define a situation where money and happiness overlap is stability. That, in my opinion, is one synonym of happiness – and a significant one.

happiness synonym

Let us consider stability at a philosophical level. I define resilience as the certainty that one has the abilities and resources to overcome various disturbances that may arise in the future. Not having such things may lead to feelings of distress, anxiety, and fear. That breeds instability. We all must deal with the fact that the future is unknown to us; we cannot know for sure what it holds, even though we think we may be able to foresee it. Still, it is always better to be prepared than to count on chance alone. Stability is vital to us, although it does not define happiness and is not the sole source of it, either.

The next happiness synonym I would like to bring up is peace. When I say peace, I do have in mind peace for the world. For example, I think ending wars would bring peace, but I will not go into that in this article. Instead, what I am talking about here is making peace with yourself.

Our minds have excellent capabilities. They can create imaginary worlds, write novels, paint masterpieces. But at the same time, they can destroy us and the whole world.

If one lets their mind be rummaged by negative thoughts, rage, hatred, and spite, they can ruin their life. I am not talking about a person’s political, industrial, or war opinions. Instead, I speak about the destruction that a person can inflict on themselves should they direct such feelings inward.

Shall we consider a hypothetical? Imagine a person who is at a metaphorical war with themself. Let’s say they always blame themself for every single small failure or misfortune – while at the same time disregarding all the good things they have done or achieved. Do you think that person would be happy? Or would they see the worst in every situation, criticise every action, and take every opportunity to place more blame on themself, eventually falling into a world of darkness and failure everywhere they go? I would bet on the second scenario.

On the other hand, what about a confident person – a person who has a positive or, at least, realistic view of life? Will that person try to find the best option to continue toward their goal no matter what obstacles they encounter? That person will likely turn their obstacles and failures into valuable lessons. He or she now has a much bigger chance at being happy because they will find the good where others don’t, they will take a shot at their dreams, and they will learn to love life with all its downsides, recognizing that there is beauty in everything.

happiness synonym

As another synonym of happiness, I would suggest personal growth.

This is closely related to the previous synonym. Through personal growth, we can achieve peace. Through personal growth, we can learn to love ourselves and make the best of the cards we were given. Life is not merely a mindless race in a rat’s maze. Life is about achieving your goals and leaving something good for others around you. Transformation – that is what we should aim to achieve. We change our old selves to better versions that can do good and empower others to do the same.

That is where knowledge and happiness merge together into “knowing” the human soul with all its imperfections and abilities and with all its struggles and desires. Learning about ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. And we can use that as a starting point towards creating a better world for the ones that follow.

Happiness synonyms aside, we should not forget that happiness is not a constant state of mind. Instead, it may come and go, but satisfaction is a journey. It is to travel towards your endpoint without forgetting to smell a flower in the spring, enjoy the sun during the summer, immerse yourself in the beauty of fallen autumn leaves, and hear the song of winter’s snowflakes.

Thank you, dear reader, for giving us a chance to show you that the world can be beautiful – that we have the power to change ourselves and develop into better human beings who, although still imperfect, are now living a much more peaceful, happier life. For peace, that is something we create. Going beyond just happiness synonyms, happiness itself is also our creation. And we will be delighted if our moral short stories succeed in helping you transform your life and achieve personal growth that can lead you to a better future.

That is one of the reasons I felt so compelled to partake in The Happiness of Knowledge project. Through our short stories with moral, we aim to understand ourselves and each other better. Only through understanding human motives, behaviour, compulsions, and goals can we interact successfully with each other – and with the world.

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