Here we go again with our new Synonym Series, discussing good synonyms – that is, synonyms for the word good.

Surely, we can think of lots of good synonyms. The hardest part is where to start.

So, let’s keep it simple. What is right? Who is a good person? And what does it mean to be good?

Good is an immeasurable feature of the world. And while evil is not merely the absence of goodness, goodness isn’t only the absence of corruption, either. For good to be meaningful, one needs to lead their life in a morally and ethically fulfilled manner. Everyone can define what they think goodness is, which makes it trickier to list good synonyms. There are, though, measurable quantities, such as helping others through social projects.

good synonym

So, let’s say our first suitable good synonym is help. For to help means to reach above yourself and towards another human or animal.

Of course, if the cause is wrong, help could bring ethical, moral, and personal dilemmas, not to mention nasty legal consequences. My point is to say help in the context of making one’s life better, even if it is in small ways. I would say that a good deed can be as small as feeding the pigeons in the park, giving food to a stray dog, or putting your change in the hands of someone who needs it.

Of course, there are much bigger actions one can take, but we will not deep dive into those, for a person can be right even if the steps are small. Not everyone can or will want to change the whole world, the country, or even the neighbourhood. Some people are okay with not getting involved in more intense roles with significant intentions. But, they can still be good people even if they manage to change just their life, or the life of one more person or animal, even if for a single day. To be right does not mean to disregard yourself. It does not even mean to put others first. Taking care of yourself will allow you to better help others in need.

Another synonym of good is care. To care is to think of something other than yourself. Again, I want to highlight that one needs to take care of themselves if one wishes to do so for others. Caring for others shows genuine goodness.

good synonym

Caring for others requires empathy, another good synonym. That is, the ability to put oneself into the metaphorical shoes of other people. That’s how one sees the world through another’s eyes.

This also requires wisdom, a topic that we have discussed in the Wisdom Synonym. If you care, you will also be gentler, for you will understand that everyone goes through pain and through obstacles that may seem unbearable. To care is to see, to see the world as it is and as others see it. Caring will make your life more colourful. Although it may seem darker at times, especially when you are empathetic towards a person who is having a hard time.

Being right is also synonymous with making your voice heard when you see unfairness, acknowledging wrong, and continuing your mission to make the world a better place even if it seems impossible – even if everybody tells you that you will fail. It’s making your voice heard when someone is suffering, when someone is being put down, and when you see the chance to change something for the better.

Yes, it may – no, it will – be hard at times. Quite often it will seem like it cannot be done, but you shouldn’t give up. Of course, there are also exceptions here. You might have to let go of toxic people who put you down and try to rip up your dreams. What I mean is: don’t give up when you have started a mission to make people’s lives better in one way or another. And don’t give up when you are battling inequality.

Being right does not mean you will not make mistakes. We all do, and we all will – and that includes people you consider to be infallible or incredible. But you should not give up on yourself, for only by continuing forward can you reach your destination, a destination where you will have changed the world for at least one person or – why not – maybe the whole world.

Good also means noticing other good deeds and praising them so other people will feel more compelled to continue on their journies to being wonderful human beings.

We are on one such journey. In The Happiness of Knowledge, the path we are taking is to help people become better and more complete. You can become a member today. You’ll get access to a new short story each week that will hopefully help you live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Goodness comes with understanding, compassion, and feeling how people are and why they are in that state. They’re all good synonyms. You’ll move forward one step at a time towards your goal to live your life to the fullest. To live such a life, one needs to be right-minded; one needs to be kind, compassionate, and willing to listen and learn.