Looking for change synonyms? Welcome to our Synonym Series, where we dig into the profound meanings of various words and how they relate to knowledge, wisdom, happiness, and achieving a wonderful life. Some words have inherent power lying in their definition, both apparent and hidden. We strive not to go dictionary-style and point out the synonyms as they are defined but to show you the philosophical views we have on certain words.

change synonym

Rather than jumping straight in to change synonyms, I’ll begin with some reflection.

I look at myself in the mirror.

I’ve grown up; I’ve changed. My hair is white, but I am still carrying the fire. I can see it in my eyes, eyes that shine so bright they sparkle.

There’s something else – forgiveness – like I have the eyes of a giant who conquered the world within themselves.

So much is different. What changed?

Isn’t forgiveness a synonym for change?

I’ve been to the bottom, and I’ve drowned in helplessness. But not anymore. I took my fate into my hands and proved to the world (and to myself) that I am capable of greatness. Even if it is conquering the small things, small things are what matters!

I used to constantly blame myself for things that went wrong in my life, even if they were out of my control. But not anymore. Do you know how I was able to change my state of mind?

No one deserves to blame themselves every time they look in the mirror, not for a life they were forced to live and not for a life stripped of meaning. There is a blessing in all of us. There is power, power to change how we think of ourselves. Forgiveness brings about that power. We’re capable of letting go of past mistakes and failures and remembering that we all worthy.

Growing up is a change synonym. I’ve grown up. I let the past go, stopped carrying it around with me wherever I went. My life has improved, and my soul is singing.

That doesn’t mean it has been easy, but I understand that the past is only weighing me down. The old wounds. The old pain. They are precisely that: old. There is no need for them to be inside me in the present as well. Of course, something old doesn’t always indicate something broken. But in this case, old pains deserve to be left in the past.

Let that hurt mature into teachable moments and memories. For memories – yes – they deserve to be kept. Memories reminiscence on experiences that made us who we are today; they remind us why we are here, how we’ve grown, and what we are striving to achieve. They are vehicles of change. At some point, those memories – if attached to painful moments – shouldn’t be allowed to hurt anymore, for no one can withstand a long-lasting pain without something breaking down in their soul. When you let go of that pain, you’re making space for happiness, for love – for positive change.

Change is the only persistent thing in our lives: the only sure thing. Friends, love, hate, trust, pain all go away; everything changes, and only you remain. These are major life shifts, another synonym of change.

It is hard to forget who you have been. It is hard to continue when your world has collapsed, but you grind your teeth, and you do it because there is no one to get you out of the bottom but yourself. If you do not do it, you’ll end up stuck there forever while life passes you by. The world keeps on spinning.

Do you know what you carry in your soul? Potential – for failure, sure – but for greatness as well. You choose which path to take and face change along the way.

Change is what builds us up, what allows us to become better.

If you are stuck in the vicious cycle of “nothing is changing,” then life loses meaning and becomes dull. Sure, change comes even for the wrong things and the wrong reasons. Change makes things different, but it doesn’t have to mean worse. Still, it is important to remember to make the best out of happiness and love while you have them. At any moment, you may find yourself not happy anymore, not in love. Change. And that is not the end; love will come again! Happiness will come again if you decide not to give up – if you choose to keep going and find the right path.

Of course, sometimes giving up is the easier route. Or, one could simply let life carry them around wherever it wants, like driftwood in the ocean. But life can forever keep you in the deep sea, and you may never see land. That is why you head towards the coast.

Sure, the coast is not always easy to see or recognize, but it can be felt. The coast is where your heart leads you – the beach is your dream. But to achieve those dreams, you need to make a change: you need to take the wheel and steer.

Taking the wheel might be challenging, and at first, it may be scary. After all, no one taught us how to live life. All we have are examples, and it is up to us to decide which we will follow and which we disregard. We must evolve, yet another synonym for change.

Not everyone knows how to live, and not everyone has figured it all out. Maybe no one ever has! But, you know, getting up and pushing ahead are always one’s best chances for a more fulfilled life because it is only after progressing forward that we can arrive somewhere – that we can arrive at our goal.

And what is that goal? Well, it is different for everybody. One may desire to create a family, while another wants to write a best-selling book, and another hopes to heal people and put them back on their feet. We’re all looking to uncover meaning in life. We all need something to guide us through the darkness that sometimes engulfs us. Living in the past – waiting for something to fall into your lap – that’s not going to work. To get where your heart is, you need to make the step forward. You need to gather the courage for change.

change synonym

My reflection in the mirror smiled, winked, and went silent. I stood there, pondering life.



Life is about making the best out of yourself and not giving up.

I am not giving up.

Once you give up, it’s all over; you’ll find yourself stuck in this circle of blame, guilt, and shame. No, I refuse to give up.

I stand tall.

I keep going.

How have I changed, and what am I trying to achieve?

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