About Us

A Little Words About Us

The Happiness of Knowledge is a journey of short stories with moral values. We like telling stories that touch the soul and make us think because every day we are in a constant search for harmony and answers. Many people nowadays try to advise us on how to think and how to live. Here, however, it is important to understand who is the best teacher in our lives. In our opinion, the answer is quite simple: we are our own best teachers.

Happiness is a state of mind, and everyone can find it for themselves. It is important to know that human happiness is linked to knowledge and reading. True knowledge is not top secret, because we all have it in us. Reading can unlock knowledge and insight. That is why we are the best teachers for ourselves. Remember, happiness is a state of mind and soul.

Our team of story writers and editors tries to make you think about morals, relationships between people, and the magnificence of our consciousness without pretending to be your teachers. History has given us a plethora of wisdom, examples and ideas to help us find ourselves, and stories certainly create the connection to readers.

The Happiness of Knowledge aims to set an example of the balance between spirit and matter. We live in a material world, and at the same time we strive for a high-quality standard of life. To achieve this, we first need to understand our soul and its needs. What materializes from the outside must first be created in our thoughts and in our soul. Therefore, the material world is not everything.

The Happiness of Knowledge wants to give not only moral short stories, but also a large part of its profits to charity. Can you imagine if every business invested a large part of its profits towards helping other people? This would make our world very different. For this reason, we want to set an example with this project.

Become a member of The Happiness of Knowledge and start your online journey to happiness through our short stories. A new short story will be made available in the “My Stories” tab in your account each week. These stories will give you the opportunity to look deep into the secrets of the mind and soul, so you can find their true meaning within your internal world and how they interact with everything around us. We strive to bring up topics that are universal and can help you on your journey towards a better way of life.

You have the opportunity to become a member of our dedicated journey towards a more conscious way of life. Join us today.